9 mother's day gift ideas to make your mom's day

With Mother's Day being around the corner, we decided to come up with a list that'll make gift shopping a little easier for you. Check it out below...




Primary Goods Top Sheet & Duvet Cover Set $269

IMG_1649 (2).jpg

When it comes to making your life easier, improving your sleep quality and giving you dreams that are amazing...Primary Goods bedding is the way to go. What makes them stand out from other competitors is that their duvet covers attach the top sheet with your duvet and end the struggle of waking up to ruffled sheets. 

All of their bedding is 100% stonewashed French linen and you have the option of choosing between four beautiful colors: charcoal grey, pure white, nature, and rosewood.  While you're at it, add on a few pillow shams and give your mom the ultimate sleep package. Order today and use checkout code *MOM18* to get free shipping!"


Bedhead Pajamas Heather Blue Cashmere Robe $375


Imagine your mom being wrapped up in cashmere, drinking wine and eating chocolates...all while being comfortable in her brand new Heather Blue Cashmere Robe. She's going to love the 100% cashmere fabric, convenient pockets and knee support that this robe has to offer. Do the right thing and maximize your mothers comfort with one of the best robes she'll ever own.


MistAire Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier $50


When it comes to getting the perfect night's sleep, being able to breathe clean, moisturized air is part of the process. With the Pure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier, you can safely moisturize the air continuously for up to 16 hours, adjust the mist direction and speed to for your comfort level and, you can adjust the amount of the intensity of the mist. 

Give the gift of fresh, easily breathable air to your mother to help her get to dreamland easier. This is a great purchase that increases in value, over time,  the more she uses it to sleep better. 




SoulCycle 10 Class Pack $320


SoulCycle is 45-minute indoor intensive cycling class that includes cardio, muscle-sculpting strength training and rhythm-based choreography. What makes SoulCycle stand out from traditional workouts is that it’s a mind-body experience. During each session, you ride together with a group of people, in a candlelit room, with soul pounding music.

What better gift to give to give to your mother than a membership to the biggest fitness craze to hit the country. Many celebrities such as Chelsea Clinton, Anderson Cooper and Brooke Shields are members of this soul empowering workout class and they rave about it all over their social media platforms. SoulCycle is more than just a workout class, but a community filled with like-minded people who support each other.


Athleta Stealth 7/8 Tight $98


Coming in all sizes and body shapes, Athleta Stealth 7/8 Tights will give you the perfect look for your active lifestyle. Every pair of stealth 7/8 tights comes just above the ankle, hugs the body to maximize your fitness performance and, it has Sculptek technology that shapes to your body.  

Not only are these tights stylish and comfortable, but they are made in a Fair Trade Certified Factory. Now your mom can look good, feel good and know that her gift is helping change factory working conditions worldwide.


Fitbit Alta $99.95


The Fitbit Alta really is an “all in one” accessory that combines fitness and fashion perfectly for all your needs.  The Fitbit Alta can track your activity levels and remind you when to be active, tracks your sleep patterns and give you data to improve your sleeping habits and, it can connect to your smartphone to share your data across devices.

Your mom will fall in love with the simplicity, design and how easy it is to integrate this technology into her fitness life…did we mention that you have hundreds of options in band designs.




Indie Lee Brightening Cleanser $32


The Indie Lee Brightening Cleanser is an organic face cleanser that washes away skin imperfections and leaves your skin soft, rejuvenated and radiating. This cleanser is made out of lycopene (from tomatoes) and hydrolyzed wheat protein which will leave your skin tighter, firmer and it evens out dark spots.

Not only does this cleanser even out your skin, but you can also use it as a face mask and a makeup remover. If you apply for 5-10 minute, the complexion clearer becomes an exfoliating mask. During this process, it also strips away all makeup from your face without drying out skin and, it’s great for cleaning all your makeup brushes.This is perfect for a mom that wants to glow brighter than she currently does. 


Finding Ferdinand Custom Lipstick $30


What’s cool about Finding Ferdinand is that they allow you to create your own custom lipstick. Whether you want to recreate your mom’s favorite lipstick that was discontinued, or you want to create a brand-new lipstick that’s a representation of your mom, the possibilities are endless.

  • You can choose between 4 colors with 22 shade combinations
  • You have the option to increase the intensity of your color
  • You can pick between a creamy, matte, or sheer finish
  • You can give a custom name to your lipstick (Name it your mom’s name to make it extra special 💋)

The options are endless when it comes to Finding Ferdinand’s custom lipsticks and your mom will surely be happy knowing that you got a custom lipstick in her honor.


Glossier’s “You” Perfume $60

773A1831-1000x563 (1).jpg

The name itself says it all, Glossier’s “You” perfume molds to your personal scent, creating a new smell for each individual wearer.  Each fragrance is incomplete with “you” being the first ingredient to your unique smell.  No matter how long you wear this perfume, the smell always stays the same, making it long lasting.

There’s no better scent than the comforting smell of your mother. If you really want to pull some heartstrings, then let your mom know that you bought her this perfume because her smell is what helps you feel safe.

No matter if you get your mom a gift, take her out for dinner or simply spend time with her...she will love you no matter what. Appreciate your mom and give her your love, always.