Dear friends, stop appearing in my dreams

Throughout my life, I was fortunate enough to meet so many amazing people. Either from traveling, the gym, exploring my city, or a random event. Some of these people were only in my life for that moment, but some stayed in my life for years. The friends that stayed made an impact on my life and even made guest appearances in my dreams.

If you ever had dreams about friends, here are a few dream scenarios and what they could mean…

Long walks with friends  

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There’s nothing more comforting than having your friend offer to take a walk with you when life gets tough. Whether you went through a really bad break up, lost a family member, or just feel overwhelmed with life, taking a long walk with a friend to talk always helps.

Dreams that center around taking long walks with a friend represent a positive outlook for your friendship.  You both share an inseparable bond, that will only get stronger within time, and the relationship you share will grow the more you support each other. Any friend that takes a walk with you in a dream, is a friend that you need to keep close to you.

Killing your best friend 


When you dream, it’s terrifying to dream about killing one of your friends. When I have those types of dreams, I always wake up out of breath, scared, confused and guilty. Although it was only a dream, it takes me a bit of time to process that it wasn’t real.

Dreams about killing your friend is a warning sign. You might experience problems in your career, business, and personal life. Be prepared to handle these problems, if you experience these dreams, and be ready to adjust your life, to avoid any problems career-wise.

Friend road-trips  


Riding with the top down, blasting your favorite songs, driving along the high way and creating memories are all the reasons why road trips, with friends, are the best. During these moments, you are living your best life with the people who make you smile the most.  Road-trips with friends are adventures you remember forever and they also have a cool meaning in your dreams.

Dreams of road-trips with your friends represent pleasant changes coming to your life.  This can be traveling to a new country, getting a new job or taking on a new outlook on life. The outcome of road-trip dreams means there’s a lot of positivity coming your way. Embrace it full force and enjoy trips in real life, and in your dreams.

Hugging your friends


Like the Beatles once said, all you need is love! and receiving hugs from your friends and family is one of the best examples of that.  The perfect hug makes you feel safe, warm, loved and connected to the friend giving it to you.  No matter how you are feeling, a hug can decrease your stress and anxiety levels, make you smile and make you happy.

Hugging your friends in dreams are positive signs that you are surrounded by good people. During hard times and struggles, your friends will always be there for you. The friends that hug you in your dreams are the friends that you need to keep with you at all times. These friends will leave a positive impact on your life and help you grow as a person.

Making new friends  


Dreaming about having fun with random, new people, can sometimes be a fun time. These people have no connection to your life, but you wish they were your friends in real life.  Although these dreams may seem random, it’s actually interpreted with a completely different meaning.

Dreams about making new friends represent your desire to have kids. You finally are mature enough to finally handle the responsibilities of kids and are ready to raise a family. People who normally have these dreams are missing a significant other to start a family with.

Encountering old friends 


Every once in a while, I have a dream about an old friend who I no longer speak to (or associate myself with). In these dreams, it’s like we continued where our friendship left off, but in my mind, I know this is a lie.  Waking up from these dreams often make me made, but it also makes me think about why these people are in my dreams

Dreams about old friends can be interpreted as a warning sign that you might be breaking up with your partner (If you have one). These dreams are a sign that you need to be careful and fix the problems that are present in your life.

Experiencing the death of a friend  


Some of the worst dreams I’ve experienced was watching my best friend die.  These dreams give me emotions that I truly never knew I had. The intensity of these dreams makes me more emotional than usual and although the death wasn’t real, I felt like I lost a piece of me.

Experiencing the death of a friend in a dream is a very depressing thing, but it’s meaning is actually positive. These dreams usually mean that your current relationships with friends, loved ones, and family members are actually are working perfectly well.

Standing above your friends / Friends standing above you


If you ever had a dream where you feel small while your friend is above you, it means a lot of success is headed your way. This dream can be connected to your personal life, or business life, and be a sign of an increased period of good luck. 

if you have a dream that’s the opposite (your friends standing below you), this represents bad habits that you might take on that could cause very negative effects on your life.

Dreaming of your friends can bring out so many emotions and mean so many things. Always remember that everyone's dreams have different meanings. You just have to interpret dreams in a way that relates to your life.