Happy holidaze how-to

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Legend has it that “420” became a euphemism for smoking weed when a group of teenagers developed a routine of skipping class each day and meeting at the infamous time to share some MJ under the bleachers. While groundbreaking studies have since revealed that marijuana has countless benefits, including pain management and appetite stimulation, we would be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge the sizable population of people who light up… just ‘cause.

That said, getting blazed just for the hell of it stopped being cute after college. If you’re going to smoke a blunt, hit the bong, eat a brownie, whatever -- at least do it like an adult. For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of three ways you can maximize your high this 420 Day and still get s*** done like a real, productive person.

Plan ahead

Before you even take your accessories out of their designated cabinet/closet/safe, be sure you’re ready for the adventure on which you’re about to embark. Set a few reminders on your phone for any important tasks you need to complete before the end of the day, whether that’s work-related or even just brushing your teeth before bed. THC can make you feel a little loopy and forgetful, so make sure you set your morning alarm before you light up.

If you tend to get the munchies, stock up on healthy snacks too. Apple chips are infinitely better for you than potato chips, and a bowl full of nuts will give you that satisfying crunch without the additional calories. Make sure to stay hydrated as well - not just to rectify that cotton mouth, but also to feel more full and keep away those snack attacks.

Get picky

Not all THC is created equal. Choose how to consume carefully - and make sure you’re doing it somewhere that won’t get you politely-yet-forcibly removed from the premises. Edibles hit harder and faster, and it’s easier to take a little (or a lot) too much, too quickly. Good old-fashioned joints are a good choice if you’re not worried about the smell permeating your clothes and couch. Oils, capsules, and lotions are great for subtlety. No matter how you choose to celebrate, always check the dosage - the last thing you want is to be attached to your chair watching Parks and Recreation reruns until 4am…well, on second thought...

Combine your THC with a little CBD.

Although many people believe that CBD is just THC without the high, it’s actually so much more than that. CBD has been known to take the edge off a traditional marijuana high, preventing a bad trip and keeping you mellow without that sinking-into-the-abyss feeling. Just be sure the CBD you’re using is as pure as possible - the last thing you want is to dose up and be left feeling jittery and anxious.

We prefer Lokus CBD, which is cleanly sourced and sustainably produced in Colorado. It comes in cute little jars and you can take it either in oil form under your tongue or in capsule form. On top of helping take the edge off your high, they can help with any other symptoms that may be bothering you, like anxiety, insomnia, even chronic pain. So after the high fades, you’re feeling healthier and happier instead of just bloated from those munchies.

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