How many calories do you burn while sleeping?

For those among us who prize efficiency and optimization – people who love our time-saving sheets that snap, people who are always multitasking, etc. – searching for the quickest way to get fit is no exception. If you’re anything like us, and have ever wondered how many calories you burn while asleep, we’ve got the information for you below. The results don’t necessarily mean you should snooze your alarm instead of going to the gym...but – if you do – maybe you’ll feel a little better about it. 

First and foremost, know that any dieting regime you undertake should always be under the supervision of your doctor. Second, sleeping is not a dieting regime. Third, figuring out your nighttime calorie burn involves a small amount of math. Prepare accordingly. 

The equation to calculate how many calories you typically burn while asleep is as follows: 0.43 calories are burned per pound of bodyweight for every hour of sleep. So, a 160 pound person would burn 550.4 calories over the course of eight hours of sleep. Not too shabby, eh?

To burn 550 calories, say, walking, you’d need to wander for about 90-100 minutes. For biking, you’d need to go for about one hour. So, a lot quicker results, but the catch is you have to be on your feet...actively doing something...and NOT in a deep sleep, dreaming about whatever your heart desires. Choose carefully. 

Or, ideally – do both. (Just preferably not at the same time.) 

We recommend not skimping on your beauty rest, though, not only for the nighttime caloric burn – sleep is also essential to building muscle, relaxing your muscles (helping with chronic pain), increasing reaction time and burning fat.

In this study, they discovered that dieters who slept longer (eight and a half hours versus five and a half), burned much more fat than their less-rested counterparts.

Professional athletes and bodybuilders know that they need the recommended 8 hours – at least – to allow their bodies time to repair and let all the work they’re doing (and food they’re eating) go to good use.

So whether you’re just starting an exercise regime and want to see the maximum results for your efforts, or your only exercise is napping on the couch, one thing is certain: getting enough sleep is crucial to being the fittest you can be.

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