How sleep can help your skin

We all know – or are – that person who has a seven(teen) step skincare routine, and swears by all kinds of peels, masks, rollers, serums and of course, borderline-excessive amounts of water. While there’s nothing wrong with conscientious skincare, adding another step in the product lineup doesn’t replace getting a good night’s rest.

We all know that sleep can be a major boost for a variety of necessary health reasons, but it also improves things related to your appearance – like the obvious (dark circles) as well as the not-so-obvious (how dry your skin is). 

One benefit: Sleep gives your skin time to heal from the damage and inflammation it sustains on a daily basis. In addition to giving your largest organ more time to repair itself, sleep is also linked to lower stress levels, and stress is linked to acne. Lack of sleep is also linked to craving unhealthy foods – carbohydrates, sugar, and salt – which also do a number on your skin

Aside from resulting in acne-prone and unhealed skin, lack of sleep can affect your skin in other ways. You lose more water while you’re awake, so less sleep (and therefore less water retention) could result in drier skin, which, even when mild, is often uncomfortable and visually unappealing. 

Additionally, growth hormones can decrease due to sleep deficiency, which could result in thinner skin that is more prone to wrinkles and sagging (so, in essence, aging). Other visual signs – like redder eyes, dark circles, and drooping eyelids – are hallmarks of sleep deprivation, and can make you appear sadder

If the above doesn’t convince you, a plethora of other reasons to get more sleep are available, touching on just about every area of life and health. Another way to take care of your skin throughout the night – besides getting more sleep – is by using a pillow that repels bacteria and keeps your pores free from dirt and debris that could cause acne.

Our Silver Pillow, which is infused with silver thread technology that repels bacteria, keeps your face clean and clear, all night long. Plus, its ergonomic design and breathability of the outer shell keep you comfortable, cool and sound asleep. 

Final words: If you’re a budding beauty guru, keep in mind that sometimes ensuring the bare necessities are in order is what makes the biggest difference. And if you want an extra nighttime skin boost, consider a pillow that has your face (and your back).