How to become Dad's favorite: a gift guide

Father’s Day is tricky. You don’t want to enforce the stereotype that all dads just want a beer in hand, a dog in lap, and maybe some cool new tech, but that’s all you really see in Father’s Day gift guides. Fortunately, we’ve come to the rescue with a list of truly unique gifts that Dad won’t shove in his desk and forget about two days later.

For the dad:

Who always has to have the latest innovation: Complete Bedding Set | Primary Goods

Cheaper than the latest iPhone, and doesn’t require you to choose between shelling out an additional $300 for headphones or stocking up on so many accessories that you now have a designated Dongle Drawer. With countless gorgeous color and pattern combinations to choose from, Dad will love laying back and relaxing without worrying about ruining Mom’s beautiful bedspread.

Who’s your MVD: World Series Beanie | Ward Wallau

Yeah, we know, not all dads love sports. But let’s be honest...yours definitely does. Secure your place as the favorite child with this limited-edition beanie sewn from the fibers of World Series-winning baseballs. And uh...if you wanna send one or two our way as well, we won’t mind.


Who’s new to this whole “dad” thing: New Parents Survival Kit | Uncommon Goods

It’s a brave new world out there for new dads. When moms give birth, everyone showers them in soft, cushy pillows and sweet-smelling lotions. Where’s the love for new dads? Show your fellow man your appreciation with everything they need to get them through those first terrifying few months of dadhood. Dad jokes not included.

Who’s going through a beard phase: Handsome Man Grooming Can

Is there anything manlier than beard oil in a can? Possibly, but it’s probably sold out. You should just swing for this instead.

Who could use a helping hand: Robot Bartender

Pricy? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely. And works really well as an accompanying gift for that New Parents Survival Kit.

Whose child is short and furry: Dog Blueprint Pillow

Not all heroes wear capes, and not all children are bipedal. Celebrate the Fur Dad in your life with a blueprint for the perfect offspring.

Who keeps dipping into Mom’s stash: Boozy Caramels

That sweet tooth was charming at first, but when the kids are screaming that their Halloween candy has gone missing and Mom is finding wrappers stashed under the mattress, it’s time to get creative.


Whose man cave is already full of stuff: Easy Instant Translator

Dad doesn’t need another “Useless Machine”. He needs a couple round-trip plane tickets, a neck pillow, and the ability to order a pad thai in three different dialects.

Who’s constantly reminiscing about the good ol’ days: Butter Churner

The 1990s were overrated. The 1690s? Underrated. Remind Dad of simpler times with the gift of playful inconvenience.

Who “doesn’t want anything”: At Home Dad donation

If you’ve exhausted all the above options, it’s always safe to go with the classic tax write-off. The National At-Home Dad Network provides support, education, and advocacy for families in which the fathers are the primary caregivers. Between providing care classes, hosting support groups, and reeducating communities on the important role men play in their childrens’ lives, AHDN is a fantastic organization to support on this Father’s Day.


Still at a loss? You can’t go wrong with some cool, clean, sheets. Email us at to create your own mix and match set.