HQ Spotlight: Los Angeles, CA

For those of you who don’t know, our HQ is located in Los Angeles, California. Since it’s the time of year when many people return to their hometowns for holiday celebrations, we thought we’d share some of the top things to do or see in our hometown, Los Angeles, as curated by us. Below, see the top five things you should check out when you’re in the area, as well as which type of person will enjoy each stop the most. 

Griffith Observatory 

This LA staple should be high on your list if you want to see space. Who doesn’t want to see space? Aliens, that’s who, because they already know what it looks like. Bring anyone who you suspect could’ve been the subject of an X Files investigation to this landmark, and get your own unofficial “are they an alien?” test with the price of admission.


LA County Museum of Art is a great place to see works from a wide array of impressive artists from diverse backgrounds and unique exhibits. Bring your friends or family here to decide if they like art, if they don’t know already or are just unsure. There are two types of people in this world: people who like museums, and people who do not. It’s like the age-old bed battle – top sheet or no top sheet? As with the latter, the former also has a right answer. You can have a preference and your preference can be wrong, I’m sorry to tell you. What is the answer, you may ask? It’s too late for me to tell you if you don’t already know.

Getty Villa 

This beautiful villa, styled after a lavish ancient Roman country house, showcases a collection of Greek and Roman art that spans 7,000 years. Walk around the estate if you’d like to pretend you are Khaleesi in Game of Thrones (at the beginning, sans Khal Drago) or some Greek princess that didn’t have anything to do but listen to birds and drink olive oil and wine. Drinking olive oil is apparently good for you, if you’re in the market for a new addition to your morning routine. 

Venice Boardwalk 

A classic California activity, visiting the Venice boardwalk is an excellent way to spend the better part of a day. Between watching street performers, wandering down to the water, taking pictures when requested for girls who are roller skating and just about to fall at any given moment, stopping into the wide variety of touristy shops, having overpriced food or drink, and/or people watching, everyone will find something to do. If you have a judgmental person in your party, or are one yourself, consider this wacky display a top option.

Urth Caffé

An LA hotspot, this café is known for being...very LA-y? Organic coffee and a long line – as well as a boutique-y interior – are a few of the standard inclusions. Visit if you want to wait in said long line, sip organic coffee and eat food that is described as health-conscious. And don’t forget, it’s not just a café – it has an extra “f”. 

Primary Goods Office  

Last but CERTAINLY not least, you can find us in the flesh in Atwater Village in East LA. Very recently, a man was rescued after being stranded in the nearby river, and our office is located in an equestrian neighborhood. If that’s not exciting enough for you – and don’t forget our heaps of incredible French linen – then make your way back to Urth Caffé.