Our 5 Favorite Christmas Movies

We’re into movies, and holiday movies are no exception. Below, we summarize and grade some of our favorite festive films that showcase the reason for the season.  

  1. Edward Scissorhands. This movie is about a young boy who wished for scissors for hands for Christmas  – because he clearly did not listen to the adage “be careful what you wish for” – and now has to live with the consequences. In his defense, he did think that it was going to make cutting wrapping paper much easier in the future, as the previous year he’d sadly sustained an enormous number of paper cuts. The saddest part of all: He will (most likely) never win rock, paper, scissors. B

  2. Batman Returns. In this short film, Batman returns from a night out saving Gotham to find that he has not done the laundry, the dishes, or grocery shopping in at least two months. We follow this rarely-seen side of him in this short documentary, as, among other things, he demonstrates how he rolls out his hip flexors and back on a foam roller. You wouldn’t believe the tightness he suffers from in his lower back, or that he didn’t know that you should refrigerate eggs. A+

  3. Home Alone. In this movie, a billionaire young boy sends his family on an all-expenses-paid vacation while he embarks on a staycation. During his relaxing stay at home, he decides to open up an escape room in his house to make some extra money on the side. He’s – clearly – a business genius, in addition to being a family man. This feel-good movie extols the virtues of money, vacations and welcoming strangers into your home. What’s more Christmas-y than that? A

  4. Gremlins. In this classic, a man seeks out a unique Christmas gift for his son, and a family of gremlins begin the arduous task of training the younger members to continue on their family traditions as they arrive in a new and unfamiliar city. This has the classic hallmarks of any Christmas fable, and is a good late-night watch with some hot cocoa. B+  

  5. Die Hard. This story follows a USPS postal worker and his partner, who works at the DMV, as they search for a Christmas package’s intended home, since the address written on it is illegibly smeared by the unrelenting winter snowfall. When they discover that the return sender is out of town for the holidays, they must embark on a journey to find out where the package belongs, and get it to the true recipient – all in time for Christmas. B-

If we missed your favorite holiday movie, or one you’ve never actually seen, feel free to send it in to us – with your own grade and review – at Happy watching and happy holidays!