Product guide 2018: are you ready for hibernating season?

Don’t leave holiday shopping up to chance. See what our customers have purchased and hear how it’s impacted their days and nights.


Monica, 35

Linen complete bedding set in Rosewood, 2x Pillow No. 47, wool dryer balls.

About Monica: Vermont, US. Small business owner, mom, dog-mom, amazing cook.

Loves: The linen is durable enough to hold up to her hectic lifestyle, but soft enough to provide her peace and comfort when she gets to relax with her human baby and fur baby. The snap system saves precious minutes out of her busy day and keeps things in place when both babies are crawling around on top of the sheets.

After a good night’s sleep: she loves a hearty cup of coffee and a leisurely browse through the most recent Wall Street Journal. After a quick romp in the yard with her pup, she’s ready to take on the day energy and enthusiasm.


Maggie, 29

Cotton complete bedding sets in Striped Cinder and Pure White, 2x pillowcases, wool dryer balls.

About Maggie: New York, US. A graphic designer with a penchant for interior decorating.

Loves: the variety of colors and patterns to complement any decor she may bring home from the local thrift shop. The bedroom is the first room she shows off to visitors, and even invites them to sit down and feel for themselves the sheets she can’t stop raving about.

After a good night’s sleep: she likes to challenge herself to early-morning jogs and yoga classes, and is often the only person in the room who isn’t still yawning when they arrive. Her ability to hop out of bed fully rested has opened doors for her to try a plethora of new activities and hobbies, without needing to fill up on double espressos along the way.


Samantha, 25

Pillow No. 47 x2, linen complete bedding set in charcoal gray, cotton complete bedding set in striped cinder, wool dryer balls.

About Samantha: Washington D.C. Freethinker and activist, pursuing a career in law.

Loves: As her career is stressful and high-pressure, she loves not having to think about where she’s laying her heads at night. She always knows it’ll be clean and cool, regardless of how many nights she passes out still wearing a face mask of makeup and sweat.

After a good night’s sleep: she eagerly greets the day - and her alarm clock - with optimism rather than dread. She spends more time studying and preparing depositions than groggily sitting on the edge of the bed wishing she could fall back asleep.


Sarah and Alex, 30 and 37

Linen bedding set in rosewood and cotton bedding set in pearl blush, wool dryer balls.

About Sarah and Alex: Ontario, CA. Married. Sarah is a photographer and Alex is an economics professor at the local university.

Loves: with the constantly fluctuating temperature in their city, they love the temperature control the linen and cotton both provide. The wool dryer balls have extended the life of their bedding sets tenfold, which is useful given how much of their days are spent curled up with a warm cup of tea, safe from the cold.

After a good night’s sleep: the two prefer the comforts of home whenever they’re able to enjoy them, so most days are spent busily working on their respective websites and projects in bed.