Ready, set, rest: 5 steps to a fresh start this spring

Three months ago, everyone and their mother (in fact, mostly just your mother) was pressuring you to find a suitable date to sit next to you at holiday dinners. You scrolled through your social media searching for someone who was as desperate as you to have someone to thank for the additional gift under your tree, someone to kiss at midnight, and someone to buy budget chocolate for on Valentine’s Day. Sarah from high school? Married. Dylan from work? Out of state. Taylor from yoga? Perfect.

But as you approached the end of cuffing season and the weeks before Taylor’s birthday, you realized that this relationship was one of convenience and not of genuine connection...and that Taylor’s wish list is basically just the Gucci “new arrivals” section. Economically, your whirlwind romance just wasn’t feasible anymore. Besides, Taylor’s on keto and you really miss bread. Perhaps your dissolution was rain-soaked and dramatic, or perhaps it was as simple as a late-night text (which was inevitably followed by a hasty Facebook relationship status change). Either way, you’re on your own again.

Despair not, dreamer. The springtime is ideal for making important financial and emotional decisions. It’s the time of renewal. Of resetting. Of Marie Kondo-ing the everloving sh*t out of your apartment. At Primary Goods, we know this very delicate time can be stressful, especially as you lie in your now-empty bed, staring at your phone and deleting heavily staged pictures of you and Taylor at a holiday party looking amazingly put together for two people who’d had a screaming match in the car about whether you’ll be introduced as a friend or more-than-friend just moments before. So we put together five of the easiest ways you can hit the reset button on your life without losing one more moment of sleep over your ex.


1. Change your sheets. Like, all of them.

You already spent one restless night kicking the sheets onto the ground, so the good news is that you’re already halfway there! Remove the rest of your linens, including the pillowcases, fitted sheet, and the bedskirt if you’re still living in the 1800s. Wash all of them, then march yourself down to the closest animal shelter and donate every one of those sheets. Shelters are constantly looking for well-worn or unusable sheets to use as bedding for homeless animals, and doing a good deed will make you feel better. Getting rid of any trace of the past year, and your past relationship, will feel cleansing and refreshing.


2. Replace those sheets with something bright.

Bright colors like white, peach, and pink invoke positive feelings. They also require a certain degree of maintenance, which means you’re less likely to spend the day sobbing in bed with a pint of Halo Top. Light sheets force you to get yourself together and wash the sheets more often, since they show stains more easily. Hotels also usually use light colors, so every night will feel like you’re treating yourself to a little getaway for a party of one.

3. Rearrange your bedroom furniture.

Call over a couple friends and ask them to help move your stuff around. Even placing your bed against a new side of the wall can feel like a fresh new start...and it’s a good excuse to finally vacuum away the dust bunny habitat that rivals a National Geographic film. If you can, move your bed near the window, which will force you to get up when the sun starts shining. Starting your day earlier will help you be more productive and motivated, and will even help you sleep better each night. If you have a TV in your room, get rid of it, and try to move your bed away from any outlets so it’s harder to be on your phone until the early hours of the morning. Instead, a simple desk light and a few light books are healthier entertainment choices to lull you to sleep.


4. Get sensual.

The way your bedroom looks and feels is extremely important, but an often-overlooked sense that impacts your ability to sleep is smell. Febreze is the obvious choice, but those harsh aerosol aromas can be harmful to your health and frequently dissipate in just a few hours. Invest instead in some high-quality essential oils and a diffuser, a wax melter, or a fragrance plug-in for your wall. Try to avoid arousing scents like citrus and rose; opt instead for springtime scents that promote sleep, like lavender, chamomile, and jasmine.


5. Give yourself permission to relax.

Clearing out your bedroom means nothing if you’re not clearing out your mind as well. With tax season rapidly approaching and the expenses of the holiday season still fresh in our account statements, it can be too easy to feel obligated to worry all day and night about what’s coming up next. A popular technique for managing anxiety is to allot a certain amount of time per day to be nervous and upset; once that time has passed, you don’t allow yourself to think about what’s bothering you. The same technique can be used for sleep: when you get in bed, allow yourself the next 8-10 to do nothing but relax. You’re not allowed to think about the next day or worry about something you did at work - you simply allow yourself to let go of all that for this specific amount of time. Once you allow yourself to feel peaceful, you may find that it’s much easier to sleep. The worrying can commence when you’re properly caffeinated.

By trying out these five Spring Cleaning techniques, you’ll be over Taylor and into the new You in no time. While you’re lounging in your newly zen-ified sanctuary, read up on the latest in health, science, and sleep.