The Oscar Nominations. Which of these hits are you sleeping on?

Don’t snooze on the 2019 Academy Awards! This year, we’ve selected some of our favorite sleeper hits. Also…

@TheHollywoodForeignPress: Don’t sleep on these picks. We know you read these blogs. 😌💤

Best Picture


We love this movie so much. The plot is all about people sleeping a lot, and we do love our coma days. If Coma does not win the Oscar for best picture, we are not gonna get up from our bed for a full year.

Best Actress


Oh Gaga. In her movie, A Mattress Is Born, she totally showed everyone that she is not only a great singer, but also an amazing sleeper. She sleeps like an angel. GIVE HER AN OSCAR!

Best Actor


Mmh, cuddles. A Mattress Is Born strikes again, giving us a very impressive acting performance by our favorite Bradley. The way he cuddles has no rivals, which will most likely give him the best actor award.

Best Animated Feature Film


Seriously, who does not like animated movies? And most of all, who does not love fluffy dogs? The dogs in this movie are so soft that they legit look like pillows. And the whole island is a huge bed made of dog-pillows. WOOF!

Best Supporting Actress


Sure, main actors are “the thing”, but supporting actors are very important as well. Emma Slumber is such a good fluffer that she conquered our hearts on minute 1 with her performance. She is our Flufforite.

Best Supporting Actor


Is that Bunk Bed Rockwell?? Oh my god, you thought that was George W. Bush, didn’t you? So did we. That is why the Oscar HAS to be his. He totes bed-rocks.

Best Original Song


You know the song. It’s about falling in love as you fall hard on your pillow. A masterpiece from, again, A Mattress Is Born (yes, we LOVE this movie. Don’t you?). We just can’t stop singing it. We can’t…

I'm off the deep end, watch as I dive in
I'll never meet the ground
Crash through the surface, where they can't hurt us
We're far from our pillow now

Our pillow, pillow
Our pillow, pillow
Our pillow, pillow
We're far from our pillow now

Oh, oh, oh, oh


What are your picks? Do you agree with us?

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