Top 7 Bedroom Insecurities


We’ve got at least seven bedroom insecurities – but insecure sheets? Not one of them, thanks to our sheet snaps and elastic ties that keep your bedding tight and secure. Which leaves plenty of mental space to dedicate to these other prominent bed-related insecurities, listed below.

  1. How many linen bedding sets is too many? This preposterous inquiry is a trick question – there is no such thing as too many. If you agree and want to know about our upcoming holiday sales so you can stock up on high-quality linen bedding, we recommend signing up for our email list at the bottom of this page.

  2. Is it weird how much I watch the QVC channel at night? But...who DOESN’T need a holiday tupperware set? Where else will I do my late-night infomercial shopping when insomnia strikes?

  3. Is the aforementioned insomnia caused by my rampant coffee addiction? Sub-concern, will I be judged for ordering iced coffee throughout the winter, or hot coffee in the summer? Should I just stick to herbal tea anyway so that caffeine doesn’t mess with my sleep cycle?? 

  4. Am I washing my bedding the right way? Everyone seems to have very strong opinions on the right way to be clean all things bed-related. Is there one right way? We can’t ask now, it’s much too late in life. Write us with your One Right Way to clean your bedding (including frequency), please and thank you.

  5. What if I fall in love with someone who doesn’t use a top sheet? An intervention will be necessary, and it won’t be pretty. It’s the right way to sleep, don’t @ us. 

  6. Which color bedding set should I get? Trying to channel Marie Kondo and see which one ~sparks joy~ but quite frankly...they all do? WHAT NOW MARIE?

  7. Am I a terrible bedmate? If you also have this question...perform a self-assessment with these oft-committed sleeping sins we’ve compiled here

If you’d like to try some secure linen sheets that snap to amp up your bedroom confidence, we’ve got you covered (literally). Keep an eye out for our holiday sales this month and next (and for some special things like vintage colors coming back, new releases and more).