'Twas the Night Before Snoozemas

'Twas the night before Snoozemas, and though LA is crazy

Not a creature was stirring, not even Miss Lacey;

The linen bags hung in the office with pride,

In hopes that the Primary team would soon enjoy what’s inside;

The staff were cozy, all snug in their beds;

While crunching holiday sale numbers inside their heads;

And curled up in charcoal, and some in smoke gray,

The Primary team dreaded leaving bed the next day;

When out on the street there arose such a noise,

And the Primary team was given a choice:

Rush to the window and investigate the scene,

Or stay comfy in bed with our linens and dreams.

Each Pillow-laden head turned to look at the other,

And then someone said, “Dude, why even bother?,

“Reindeer are rabid and dangerous I’ve heard,

And magical fat men in suits? That’s absurd;

“It’s a blustering 40 outside of these walls,

Go back to sleep. Let them deck someone else’s halls.”

The team all agreed, and laid down to rest,

When a loud knock-knock came and rattled their desks;

A muffled voice came sharp and swift:

“Open up for Santa, PG! I come bearing gifts!

“I’ve got glistening gold and diamonds and gems,

Treats to delight but nowhere to put them -

“I can’t move on unless I deliver these presents

It’s everything you wanted! You’ll find it quite pleasant;

“Let me in so that I might give you these favors,

These priceless treasures you’ll savor forever!”

The team looked around with sleep-crusted eyes

Knowing full-well they’d have to decide

Between getting up to welcome St. Nick and his bounty

Or staying in bed where they were sleeping so soundly;

Prize in mind, they agreed whether they wouldn’t or would:

And one lone voice called out, “Nah, we’re good.”