Volckerinckhove Travel Guide

This is our travel guide for Volckerinckhove, home to the linen flax that makes our sheets what they are today (literally). Volckerinckhove is a region in northern France...and it’s definitely in France (we checked), although it sounds like a Russian Bond villain’s hometown. 


Volckerinckhove – and this is referenced directly from – is a “thriving agricultural village” that is home to 592 inhabitants. Does it get any more quaint? The answer is no, no it certainly does not.


Under recommended gastronomy, the first dish listed to try is “carbonadeflamande”, which is a mouthful (pun intended), and is a “sweet-savory dish made with beer” in addition to brown sugar. The next most-recommended option? “Gaufrefourrée”, which is a waffle filled with a sugary concoction that includes either vanilla or rum. Say no more. Both dishes are also suggested to be enjoyed with beer. Off to France we go, stretchiest pants in hand.  


  • Go lay down in a linen flax field, and imagine how soft that flax would be if you’d let us make it into sheets first. Sheets that would be stonewashed – literally washed with stones – for maximum flexibility and softness. Now get up, it’s weird you’re laying in someone else’s flax field. 

  • Wave at Pierre. He’s the wonderful man who grows our linen flax. Please be cool, don’t embarrass us. Say: “J’aime le Primary Goods et lin lin!” “Lin lin” is linen flax. How cute is that? Nod as smoothly as possible and then continue on your way. 

  • We found the best bakery in Volckerinckhove (we think)! When in France, eh? Er – oui? It’s called Vicongne Anthony, and it has 17 reviews (!). That means at least about 3% of the population has gone there and had a good experience (4.5 stars). For perspective, that’s as if, in our HQ city of Los Angeles, about 120,000 people went to and subsequently reviewed a bakery. Glowing endorsement, right? Don’t make us do any more math, please, just go. When you do, also tell them: “J’aime le Primary Goods et lin lin!” Enjoy your order with beer. Which you brought in a flask. 

  • Spend the rest of your time alternating between the two aforementioned dishes featuring beef, beer, brown sugar, rum filling and waffles, and rolling around in linen flax.

Our strongest recommendation is to never come home and find work as a pastry chef or a linen harvester. The best vacations never end, right? Or are we thinking of something else? Maybe hope? Love? We’ll get back to you on that.  

If you must return home, keep the dream alive with a linen bedding set souvenir, which should remind you of your time frolicking in fields of flax. Perhaps they are made of the very same flax you personally and slightly inappropriately rolled around in while there!

And although we can’t promise you any French pastries, maybe you live close enough to one of these French bakeries to taste something close to the gone-but-never-forgotten delicacies of Volckerinckhove. And of course, we’ll tell Pierre you say “bonjour”. 

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