Welcome to Hotel Equinox: the only hotel not designed for traveling

There’s nothing better than that multi-sensory experience of spending the night at a nice hotel. The satisfying click of the door seems to whisper, welcome home. The spotless room lies before you with one or two cushy beds that rival your $900 mattress back home. The personalized notes and immaculately-designed bathroom waits for you, inviting you to partake in that indescribable experience of sleeping in a room you won’t have to worry about cleaning later.

Except it’s rarely like that.


Most of the time, unless you pony up half your salary for a 5-star hotel, you spend most of your night wondering if that weird itch is a bed bug or a mosquito and wishing your next-door neighbors would take their honeymoon elsewhere. It can take an average of six weeks to get used to sleeping on a new mattress, and that’s assuming the mattress is actually half-decent. When you’re already stressed from traveling in a foreign land, it can be nearly impossible to get a good night’s sleep in a hotel. Poor sleep can ruin your entire experience, wasting both your money and your well-earned vacation days.


Gym chain Equinox knew all this and decided to create the very first luxury wellness hotel. Hotel Equinox offers services to promote all three tiers of health: in-house gyms, spas, and even sleep coaches. Even the rooms are designed to promote peak physical performance. According to their website, “each room is a temple to total regeneration” which includes a media library and a variety of morning and evening rituals to get the day started.

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For a measly fee of $500, you can also hire a sleep coach to work with you on your individualized sleeping experience. Your coach will help you keep a sleep diary, offer personalized advice, and help you form new habits for long-lasting results. Each coach is highly trained and certified in Sleep Coaching, and from one woman’s account, they appear to also operate as temporary therapists.

Though some people perceive hotels as a liminal space meant solely for resting your head after a busy day abroad, Equinox is bringing the focus back to what a vacation should be: a restful, relaxing way to reset your body and mind.