Welcome to Snoozefest - the sleepiest music festival ever

When was the last time someone told you not to listen to music while you drove? Has there ever even been such a time?

Music is one of the greatest pleasures in life. It helps us through breakups, motivates us to finish that last mile, and keeps us entertained as we jet-set on our journeys. It can also been an invaluable tool for setting the mood and impacting our emotions, especially if that emotion is “sleepy”. One song in particular, “Weightless” by Marconi Union, is notorious for its abilities to impact its listeners’ energy levels.

Now deemed the “world’s most relaxing song”, “Weightlessness” was specially designed as a collaboration between the band and a team of sound therapists. Their intent was to build a song that would test how certain sounds affect listeners’ moods. By utilizing complementary harmonies, soothing beats, and peaceful melodies, the song effectively lowers listeners’ blood pressure and heart rates to resting levels -- simulating how their bodies would feel if they were lying down for a nap.

During the research process, listeners were asked to solve puzzles as quickly as possible while listening to different songs. Compared to any other music played in previous studies, the relaxing tune reduced anxiety and stress levels in participants by 65%. When women were asked to drive while listening to “Weightlessness”, they reported becoming drowsy and felt unsafe continuing to drive.

In a societal climate that values working as hard and as quickly as possible, taking time away from the crippling pressures of life is necessary to reducing your risk of heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and mental illness. Even crime can be reduced by implementing relaxing music into the atmosphere of local communities.

Just below “Weightlessness” on the list of the most snooze-inducing songs in the world are tracks by Mozart, Adele, and Enya. Each of their songs feature deep, low harmonies that seem to blend into the background and overtake any intrusive thoughts. Listen to the full playlist, and read more about Marconi Union’s hypnotic song here: