What your sleep position says about you

The Fetal Position


 The fetal position is one the most popular sleep positions. This position is when a person sleeps on their side, with their legs curled up. Although this sounds like an uncomfortable position, it’s actually one of the most comfortable sleeping styles for people. In fact, in a sleep study done by Chris Idzikowski, the director of the UK Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service, 41% of sleep participants adopted this position. For women, the amount that slept in this position was doubled compared to men.

  • Personality description: People who sleep in this position are described as having a hard shell. They are tough on the outside, but soft on the inside. These people are shy at first, but open up and calm down quickly.

The Log



This position is exactly how it sounds. People who lay in a log position sleep on their side with their arms and feet towards their sides. This position is one of the most popular sleeping positions and considered, by most, to be uncomfortable.  In multiple studies, more than 15% of those tested reported sleeping in this position

  • Personality description: Log sleepers are known to be the social butterfly’s. People who sleep in this position are carefree, popular, very social and trusting of people. Log sleepers are also very gullible and fall for a lot of things.

 The Yearner


The yearner position is described as a person sleeping on their side with both arms out in front. Approximately 13% of people sleep in this position and it is said that this position can help those suffering from arthritis and snoring. Compared to other generations, the baby boomer generation is known to sleep in this position.

  • Personality description:  Yearner sleepers are known to be very open and inviting, but don’t easily trust people. Yearners are often a little suspicious of people, but they can also be very cynical. They take a very long time to finalize decisions, but once they make a decision, they always stick with it.

The Soldier

solider .jpg

The solider is when you lay on your back with your arms towards your sides. Only 11% of sleepers claim to get the most sleep in this position. People who sleep in the solider position are less likely to switch positions throughout the night, compared to people who sleep in the fetal, freefall or yearner position.  

  • Personality description: Solider position sleepers take themselves very seriously and are very structured. They have high expectations for themselves and the people around them. They are courageous, reserved and they avoid trouble at all costs and they have morals.

The Freefaller


The freefaller is a position where the person lays on their stomach with their arms wrapped around their pillow, with your head turned to the side. Some people find this position comfortable, but other people think lying on their stomach is very uncomfortable. The freefall position is the second most popular sleep position, despite having over 26% of Americans consider it the worst sleeping position.

  • Personality description: Freefallers are all about living life to the fullest, outgoing and fun. People who sleep in this position are very sociable people, but can sometimes be brash from time to time. Although freefallers are known to be super outgoing, they are secretly nervous on the inside and oversensitive to criticism.

The Starfish


The starfish is when you lay on your back with your legs stretched out, and your arms up by your head. This position is preferred by 7% of the population and is often said to be preferred because of medical benefits. The negative of this position is that people who starfish have a higher risk of sleepwalking, along with log sleepers.

  •  Personality description:  Starfish sleepers are usually very loyal friends who put their friends as a priority in their lives. They love being personal therapists for anyone who needs it, and they go out of their way to help when they can. Starfish sleepers don’t like being the center of attention but don’t mind if they are from time to time.

The Stargazer

The stargazer is exactly how it sounds. People who sleep in this position sleep on their back with their arms wrapped around their head, looking up.

  • Personality description: Just like the starfish, stargazers put their friends as the highest priority. They do anything in their power to help out every friend who needs a helping hand and they always try to have a positive outlook on life.

 The Thinker

The thinker position is almost identical to the fetal position, but with one difference…you sleep with your hand resting on your chin.

  • Personality description: People who sleep in the thinker position tend to be very emotional. One minute they are super happy and then all of a sudden, sad. There is no middle and at times, this can be stressful for the people around them.

The Pillow Hugger


The name of this pillow position says it all. If you are a person who enjoys cuddling and finds yourself cuddling your pillow daily, you are a pillow hugger. People who sleep in the position are similar to stargazers, they put high importance on personal bonds and connections.

  • Personality description: Pillow huggers are caring and thoughtful people who put the lives of friends and family as a priority. They cherish personal relationships and enjoy making everyone around them feel like a somebody.

 The Snorer


Although this is not a sleep position, researchers have found that people who snore are more likely to have extreme emotions. Snorers can develop hyperactivity, aggression, or depression.

  • Personality description: Snorers are known for their passion and their drive to make sure they live every day like it’s their last day.

It’s strange to think our sleep position can tell so much about ourselves, but it’s interesting if any of these descriptions can relate to your life. When you go to bed tonight, or when you take a take a nap, pay attention to what position you subconsciously go into and read up on your sleep position personality.