Which of Santa’s reindeer are you?

 This Christmastime, we decided to approach our Primary Goods gifting recommendations in the most festive way possible. Our first thought: reindeer – very festive, very cute, and Santa’s reindeer? A diverse and hardworking bunch, to be sure. Below, we use Santa’s reindeer as a framework to break down all the different potential personalities present in your life (including your own), and suggest a Primary Goods product to match their – or your – best qualities. 

Dasher - Cream 

If you know a Dasher, they’re the type that always have 80 things going on and still manage to fit in yoga regularly. Cream reflects their high energy level while blending seamlessly into most room color schemes – and our snap system means they can get out the door faster, which may be the best gift you can give them. 

Dancer - Seafoam 

The Dancers make the world go round! They’ve got style and grace, and light up any room they walk into. They’re a breath of fresh air. Get them a linen set of Seafoam-colored sheets, which are as light, airy and bright as they are.

Prancer - Pure White

The perfectionist in your life needs a beautifully clean gift – like a set of Pure White linen sheets. The fact that they’re durable and only get softer with every wash means that no matter how much Prancers wash them, these sheets will only be the better for it. Sheets that keep improving, just like they do.

Vixen - Midnight Blue 

Vixens are pretty self-explanatory – they have a gravity all their own, and a depth that draws others in. Their best qualities are reflected in these Midnight Blue sheets, which are as entrancing and darkly fascinating as Vixens are.

Comet - Terracotta 

For the fireball in your life, consider getting them a set of Terracotta sheets that can hold a candle to their warmth. This new burnt orange addition is reminiscent of the desert or a sunset – as fiery, intense and celestial as the Comet on your list.

Cupid - Rosewood 

Your big-hearted and/or fashionable friend or family member might love these dusty pink sheets, which complement cool and warm color schemes, and make them feel as loved as they make others feel.

Donner - Charcoal Gray 

The modern Donner on your list will use a set of Charcoal Gray sheets for years to come, and not just because they’re minimalists. These durable linen sheets only get softer with every wash, and the snaps mean they’ve got both form and function going for them.

Blitzen - Comforter 

If you or your gift recipient is located in a blizzard zone, consider giving the gift of comfort this wintertime. Our new addition stays the right temperature year-round – since it’s made with eucalyptus fiber and wool, it keeps cool and dry even when it’s hot. No more suffering from weather blitzes of any kind.

Rudolph - Silver Pillow 

Our little black (silver) sheep! Our newest addition, this pillow is infused with silver thread technology, which repels bacteria. So, skin isn’t exposed to irritants that could cause red bumps – not that there’s anything wrong with those, Rudolph. Plus, its ergonomic support and cooling properties mean it improves sleep, too, which also helps mend skin and boost overall health.

If you’ve already got your Christmas gifts sorted, consider starting 2020 off on the right foot by buying one of the above for yourself, depending on whichever reindeer/color you most identify with, or what goes best with your room décor. Then sit back and relax – better sleep is on its way.