Why the office mattress is a worthwhile investment

No, not that kind of office mattress. More like this kind:

It’s 2019 - by this point, everyone knows that more sleep equals more productivity. Yet even major companies like Amazon have yet to incorporate some kind of corporate wellness curriculum. Were it not for the employees, the company would be nothing but a bald man in a tiny office. So why are companies so hesitant to change?

It comes down to the overwhelmingly American mindset that time is money. If employees spend an hour each day fitting in a quick nap and some meditation, that’s one less hour that could be dedicated to sales, customer service, operations, and innovation. In a climate that rewards the quantity and speed over quality and caution, it’s no wonder each day seems to bring yet another article exposing the inhuman working conditions that take place behind the scenes of such massive corporations like Facebook and Amazon.

But the reality is that research supports the benefits of taking more frequent, restful breaks during the workday. Quick and cheap is just that, but in the long run, replacing burnt out - or even gravely ill - employees is far more expensive than implementing a daily rest allowance. Studies show that even if people don’t take advantage of resources like napping pods or relaxation rooms, just knowing that they’re available is enough to lower their stress levels and contribute to a more productive atmosphere.

“Lots of people get info about employee assistance programs but they hesitate to use them bc of perceived stigma or other barriers, real or imagined, to care,” says Clinical Psychologist Wendy Sabbath, PhD. “I still think it’s better to provide the information and encourage them to use it.”

That’s right - your employees don’t even need a mandatory naptime, which is good news for those of us who prefer not to be treated like petulant kindergarteners. Just having a pod or bed available in the office, as well as the understanding that using that bed for 20 or 30 minutes will not be cause for disciplinary action (within reason), is enough to increase employee satisfaction and promote a safer, smarter, more successful working environment.

Investing in employees means investing in their wellbeing. By adding just one or two EnergyPods, napping areas, or meditation rooms can spell a world of difference for the future of the company…and the stockroom’s espresso supply.