Your Leap Day watchlist

Leap Day only comes once every four years – like the presidential election – so you don’t want to miss it. Below, we’ve compiled some movies that will get you in the time-saving mood. If you’re in that mood all the time, consider our snapping sheets that will keep you from wasting sleep during the night and save you effort making the bed in the morning.


LEAP YEAR (2010)

This phenomenal movie is an underrated rom-com that celebrates the underrated importance of Leap Day while also getting us excited for St. Patrick’s Day. In this cinematic masterpiece, you can feast your eyes on Amy Adams in a wonderful green dress (which happens to also be on the movie poster). But many other delights await once you actually watch the film, including: It takes place in Ireland, there’s a claddagh ring and a love triangle, and really – what else do you need in a rom-com?  



If you haven’t seen this classic – so classic that the term “groundhog day” is commonly used in the English language to describe repeating situations – now is the perfect time to rectify that. The movie poster features Bill Murray trapped in a clock, which is perhaps how you feel those days you don’t get to sleep in because you’ve got to wake up and make the bed. (We have snaps for that, by the way.) 



Another classic rom-com centrally revolving around the concept of time! Who knew there were so many? Featuring the lovely Rachel McAdams and Eric Bana, this movie tracks a librarian with a genetic disorder that forces him to spontaneously time travel (yeah, don’t think about it too much). Rachel is trying to make a relationship happen with this wildly unpredictable man. Takes ghosting to a whole new level, huh? 

30 ROCK LEAP DAY EPISODE (Season 6, Ep. 9) (2012)

Kenneth plays the spirit of Leap Day and if that doesn’t sell it, not sure what will. There’s a man in a blue suit, a Benihana gift card, and a sexual proposal to the tune of $20 million. Plus, Jim Carrey makes a cameo and is married to Andie MacDowell, who is Bill Murray’s wife in Groundhog Day! Great minds...  



If you haven’t seen this, what’s the deal? Marty McFly gets sent to the past accidentally, thanks to a DeLorean time machine his scientist friend invented, where he encounters his parents 30 years younger, and various other obstacles. If you have seen it – or need a laugh – you can also enjoy this bit from comedian John Mulaney about what pitching this movie idea must have been like. 


Enjoy your Leap Day, and sleep in (on linen, preferably) if you can!