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Smartbedding is now Primary.

Design Inspect

A well made bed
is great. However...

What if you never had to make your bed again? If you're like most people today, you may experience the design flaws with traditional bedding.

The most common problems are...

  • Waking up with the sheets bunched at your feet.
  • The top sheet and duvet cover becoming misaligned during the night.
  • Tucking in sheets around the edges of your bed.

We've solved all of these problems, and more.

Design Snaps
Design Inspect
Design Inspect Design Inspect

While cotton is most popular, linen’s properties are superior in every way

Beautifully simple connections

By introducing a snap system along the left and right edges of the duvet cover and top sheet, the two pieces will always stay aligned.

Best of all, everything still moves freely – this isn’t like a sleeping bag.

Best when cut together

The top sheet with traditional bedding is normally cut to be much wider than the duvet cover. Many agree they would rather not have to tuck in this sheet. It’s time consuming and a chore.

We agree, so we custom cut the two pieces to be nearly identical in size. Being forced to tuck in protruding sheets is a thing of the past.

Never make your bed again

Our design details combine to help you never make your bed again. Never again tuck in protruding sheets, dig for the tangled mess at your feet, or realigning the top sheet and duvet cover.

Making your bed is now as effortless as fluffing your duvet.

Selecting The
Finest Material

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