Off to Work We Go...

Factory Trees

Only Fools Rush In

Choosing a factory wasn’t a decision we took lightly. Instead, it ended up taking our whole team around the world for a year, searching for a manufacturer to meet our vision.

We believe that a quality product is only ever made under quality conditions, and finally found exactly that we were looking for, so you can rest assured that Primary products are produced in a professional, friendly and upbeat work environment.

Factory Walk
Factory wide

Good Values Go A Long Way

Craftsmanship, beauty, kindness. These are the things we were looking to find in a manufacturer (and probably why it took us to long to find them…). Production standards were obviously important, but with our brand focused on improving all aspects of the sheet business, we also needed to say the same for where and how they are made.

Factory Sew
Factory Marshall
Winston, the factory owner with Marshall, our CEO.

Meet the Boss

Winston’s a man with a love for linen, and happily for us, he’s similarly committed to quality, trust, and dignity in the workplace. The only people we can find who speak more highly of Winston are the rest of our manufacturing team.

Factory Talk

& Women

Our team are all hard workers who take real pleasure in their craft, but also make sure to enjoy the workday. The factory is the kind of bright, upbeat and naturally lit environment anyone would be happy to work in. In fact, the relaxed working hours and lunchtime naps make it an ideal one!

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