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Smartbedding is now Primary.

Linen Cerial

We tested
every material

When choosing what material to make Primary Bedding from, we studied every material bedding has ever been made from. It turns out linen is far superior to cotton. It’s stronger, more breathable, lasts ten times longer, and looks spectacular.

The best part though is how it only gets better with time. With every use and wash, your Primary Bedding linen set will only improve in softness. When cotton would be falling apart, Primary Bedding is the softest it’s ever been.

Make no mistake, linen is the finest material for bedding.

Linen Cerial

We use 100%
French linen

Primary Bedding is proudly made from the finest French linen. Linen is made from a flax plant, and the best climate for growing it is found in France. The region has one of the best climates for growing this woody plant.

Utilizing the best climate for growing linen is key.

Linen Cerial
Linen Cerial
Linen Cerial

Washed with special
white volcanic stones

After sewing, Primary Bedding linen goes through a final stone washing stage. We use special white volcanic stones in the wash to soften the linen for the best possible comfort.

We designed and incorporated many details that fix all of the traditional bedding's flaws.

Lasts 10x longer than cotton

Although cotton yarn has a finer fiber and is able to be woven into a dense thread count, linen is a much thicker fiber that translates to being more robust and durable.

One of linen’s major selling points is that it's stronger than cotton. Because it is a laborious process to produce linen yarn, this typically results in a higher priced commodity and is considered to be a luxury fabric.

It only gets more soft with time

Linen only becomes softer and softer with every use due to its high moisture absorbency rate, while its cotton counterpart starts showing signs of major wear in around 3-5 years.

Because of this investment in high quality sheets, it’s not uncommon for families to pass down vintage linens from generation to generation.

Highly breathable, hypoallergenic, Environmentally friendly

Because of linen’s natural hypoallergenic properties, sweat is less likely to break down linen fibers, compared to cotton. The biggest misconception in cotton is that a high thread count is better. This is completely false – high thread counts end up feeling like cardboard and hinder breathability. Don’t be fooled by marketing gimmicks. Finally, linen uses less water and chemicals to harvest than cotton.

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