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Linen Berries

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French linen is our not-so-secret weapon. What may be surprising to you however, is just how much better it is than cotton. We looked far and wide for the very best material to use in our products, studying every material that bedding has ever been made from, and linen came out on top every time.

Linen Cerial

100% French Linen,
100% of the Time

The very best linen is French, stone-washed linen. So that’s what’s our sheets are made of.

We’re committed to the very finest with no scrimping on quality ever.

Linen Smell
Linen Cerial
Linen Rocks

The Hot Stone Treatment

Ready to have your mind blown? Stone-washed means literally washing them with stones.

Once they’ve been sewn, we take your Primary Bedding for a final spin, washing them with special white volcanic stones. This makes them even softer, and helps you erupt out of bed each morning, ready for the world after a great night’s sleep.

Average Bedding Sets Have a Distinctly Average Feel.

Luckily for Us, Your Tastes Are Far from Average…

Made of Stronger Stuff

Cotton yarn is finer and much less durable than linen. Don’t let the thread count fool you, linen lasts longer, and feels better than cotton. In fact, it’s 10 times more durable.

Softer With Time

When cotton’s finer threads are falling apart, Primary Bedding is the softest it’s ever been, and still getting softer, with every wash. This is due to its high moisture absorbency rate. Its cotton counterpart starts showing signs of major wear in around 3-5 years. In fact, because of the longer life that high-quality sheets have, it’s not uncommon for families to pass down vintage linens from generation to generation.

Breathable, Hypoallergenic and Environmentally Friendly

Because of linen’s natural hypoallergenic properties, sweat is less likely to break down linen fibers, compared to cotton. High thread counts can actually end up feeling like cardboard and hinder breathability. Linen uses less water and chemicals to harvest than cotton too, so it’s a better – all round.

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