No 'Designer' Prices. Just Well-Designed Ones.

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We never compromise on quality, but to get it into your hands, we’re happy to compromise on price. No middlemen, no old-school retail markups, no scrubs. By being smarter with our business model, we can be smarter in business. Make it rain!

Primary vs. Traditional retailers

The secret to our price is all in how we deliver our bedding to you.
Price Direct
Directly to you
Price Direct
Price Marked Up
Marked up

We’re as Proud of Our Pricing as We Are of Our Product

Say Goodbye to the Middlemen

Building a relationship with you is something we enjoy too much to hand it off to someone else. This also means saving we can pass on to you. Without the markup of involving distributors, retailers and salespeople, we can keep things seamless, painless and transparent as possible.

Quality Control from Start to Finish

The highest quality linen, without the high price. That’s been our goal from the start. And we’ve gotten there, by sticking to our guns where others have taken the easy road. We’ve always been ones for the road less travelled. Hey- it’s taken us this far!

Our Bedding Would Cost $800 - $1,200 in Retailers

For competitor brands, it’s not unusual to see a price tag nearing $1,000 for a complete 7-piece bedding set in retailers. We’ll let you in on a little secret -- we’re produced right alongside these brands, but without the inflated price.

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