Complete Bedding Set

100% French Linen

Complete Bedding Set

100% French Linen

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Complete Bedding Set

100% French Linen

    • Material: Made from the highest-grade 100% stonewashed French linen, these sheets are not only engineered to last longer, but also get softer with each wash. The fibers of the linen feel wonderful all year long.
    • Why Customers Love This: Our patented snapping feature on the top sheet and duvet cover makes making your bed a breeze!
    • 100-Night Trial: Seeing is believing so rest easy with our 100-nights home trial.

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Never make your bed again

Yes, you read that right. Never have to fix your sheets, or un-bunch them from the bottom. We’ve built our bedding for maximum ease of use, after countless hours spent on saving you time.

After all, less time spent making your bed means more time in it…

You’ll never wake up to tangled sheets at your feet, never need to tuck in the sheet, never need to realign the duvet and top sheet, and best of all… never make your bed again.

It's Snap Time!

Made from 100% French linen

Linen has been hailed as the highest quality fabric for thousands of years due to its luxurious feeling and temperature control properties. French linen is considered the best of the best, since flax linen grows perfectly in the French climate. Linen is so highly regarded that it was even used as a form of currency in ancient Egypt. These days, we just like to sleep in it.

It keeps you cool in the summer, yet warm in the winter. It's also highly durable - in fact, it's not uncommon for linen sheets to be passed down for generations!

Feel It For Yourself

Luxury transcending time

The use of linen dates back thousands of years, when it was used as a form of currency and a symbol of wealth. These days, we just like to lay in it.

French linen is the gold standard, since the flax plant it comes from grows ideally in the French climate. It only needs rainwater to grow - no man-made irrigation or harsh pesticides - so it's easy on the environment as well.

People before profit

Other linen brands have middlemen and marked up prices, but worst of all, they pass those extra costs on to you, whether you know it or not! The entry level prices of their bedding sets are well above our highest, and without the things that make us better.

By choosing to sell directly to our loyal fans means we can pass the savings on too. Choosing us means bedding for a better night’s sleep, at a price that’ll help you sleep better too.

Sleep Better Now.

This company has managed to solve some of life’s biggest problems: sleeping soundly and waking up with enthusiasm each morning. You don’t have to be a fabric expert to know when something feels good, but we are experts, and Primary Goods’ premium French linen sheets feel damn good.

With their signature snap design that keeps your top sheet and duvet cover together throughout the night, making your bed is as easy as shaking out your bedding.

Sure, you don’t have to invest in expensive, innovative sheets, but the hours we’ve been saved from making our beds and tossing and turning each night are simply priceless.



Rest Easy


We understand that seeing is believing, so for
100 nights you can sleep on it - literally.

If at any point during your home trial you decide
you don’t love them, send them back to us!