Pillow Sham Set
Pillow Sham Set
Pillow Sham Set

Pillow Sham Set

As far as we’re concerned, looking good and feeling good should go hand-in-hand. That’s how we look at our premium pillow shams: as the perfect crowning touch for the perfect bedding. Stylish and soft to the touch — your pillows don’t deserve anything less.
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Primary Goods’ bedding is made to last through countless nights of amazing sleep. If they don’t last as long as you think they should, we’re happy to offer free exchanges and replacements — no questions asked. We’ll honor this policy forever.

...Or Buy Just One Of Our Heavenly Sheets

A fresh take on sheets

We look at bedding the same way we look at everything else... with fresh eyes. Every aspect is considered, from how it feels, to ease of use, right through to how it makes its way home to you (yes, really).

Never make your bed again

Yes, you read that right. Never have to fix your sheets, or un-bunch them from the bottom. We’ve built our bedding for maximum ease of use, after countless hours spent on saving you time.

After all, less time spent making your bed means more time in it…

You’ll never wake up to tangled sheets at your feet, never need to tuck in the sheet, never need to realign the duvet and top sheet, and best of all… never make your bed again.

About our design

Made from 100% French linen

There’s no question: French linen beats cotton hands-down. It’s stronger, more breathable, looks great, feels great and lasts for decades... in fact, it’s not uncommon for linen to be passed from one generation to the next!

Not to mention the fact that it actually improves in softness with every wash. Our sheets are 100% stone-washed French linen.

Choosing them over cotton sheets is what the French call a ‘no-brainer’.

About our linen

People before profit

Other linen brands have middlemen and marked up prices, but worst of all, they pass those extra costs on to you, whether you know it or not! The entry level prices of their bedding sets are well above our highest, and without the things that make us better.

By choosing to sell directly to our loyal fans means we can pass the savings on too. Choosing us means bedding for a better night’s sleep, at a price that’ll help you sleep better too.

How we do it

Creating the
best bedding possible

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