What If... You Never Have To Make Your Bed Again?

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At Primary, we’re rethinking daily life on the daily, with smarter bedding that works harder for you. Want to see how we’re re-designing how you sleep?
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Primary Linen Bedding

Superior comfort, superior quality, superior feel. French linen is the gold standard.


The Primary Mattress

A shield against bacteria. ‘Ahhh just right’ sleep surface. It's the thing dreams are made on.


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"I'm proud to show these sheets off."
"Made with luxurious French linen without the price."
"One of the hottest startups of the year!"
"It doesn't cost that much, but this bedding is worth a small fortune."
"It's all natural and super soft... Making your bed only takes 2 seconds now."

Rest easy with our lifetime warranty

With Primary Goods, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

In fact, we’re so confident that if anything happens to your sheets during your lifetime (yes, really), we’ll happily replace it — no questions asked.

We're only happy if you are.