The Bedding Revolution Has Arrived

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Rest, assured.


We’ll ruin you for all other sheets the way we ruined bed-making. With our signature snap design and sustainably-sourced luxury materials, you’ll never look at your alarm clock the same way again. When you spend a third of your life in bed, it only makes sense to invest in something that makes the other two-thirds a little sweeter, night by night.

Our snap design is the only one of its kind. The top sheets and duvet covers snap together at the top and bottom, so there’s no more tugging, bunching, or midnight tug-o-war.
Snap, fluff, done.

Why #BePrimary?

Sustainably Sourced

Our processes use less water, and generate less waste. Endorsed by happy plants and wallets everywhere.

Ethically Produced

We traveled the world for a year to handpick a manufacturer known for its ethical employee treatment.

Down to earth pricing

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality for convenience, so we cut out the middleman, and pass on the savings.

Easy on the Eyes

Our materials are handpicked to ensure that they are top quality—   never blended, always authentic.

Rest easy with our 100-night trial

We understand that seeing is believing, so for 100-nights you can sleep on it. If at any point you decide you're not in love with our sheets—send them back to us!

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